The Now of Work Digital Masterclass

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The Now Of Work masterclass has been designed to guide, support and equip entrepreneurs, emerging entrepreneurs, bosses, managers, staff, intrapreneurs and solopreneurs with all the tools needed to make the transition from a traditional workplace to working from anywhere and ultimately achieve complete location freedom.

We were thrown into a completely new way of working with the pandemic Covid-19. So, what do we do with that? We have to acknowledge that the future of work is now. We may never see traditional work models again. So how can you adapt, evolve and gear yourself and your team up with the tech and logistic know-how? 

This masterclass will cover everything from your mindset, to flipping fear, leveraging your skillset and creating comfortable and connected workplaces, all from the comfort of your home.

What you can expect from this masterclass:

Lifetime access and free updates to the course. There’s a total of 9 knowledge packed lessons featuring videos, exercises and bonus worksheets that will transform you and your team into work from home pros.

We will cover:
  • How to thrive during a crisis
  • How to overcome roadblocks
  • Embracing new and unexpected workplace trends
  • Who you are and how you work best
  • All the latest and best tech tools to get connected
  • Self-care and mindset
  • Your why
  • Seizing opportunities and setting up new ways of working
  • Overcoming fear and self-sabotage
  • Logistics - all the logistics!
  • Operational tools, apps, software to ‘check-in’
  • Setting up your dream work from home office
  • Discipline, rituals, routines and boundaries
  • Creating the perfect work-life balance
  • How to be a supportive team player/manager or boss

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