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Collective Hub designs products to ignite human potential - that is the question that we ask ourselves each day.

Collective Hub was founded by Australian entrepreneur & author Lisa Messenger with a vision to uplift and empower people to live their lives to the fullest.

Initially Collective Hub launched in 2013 as a print magazine in 37 countries, but quickly became a global sensation. Today, it has evolved into a true multimedia brand that encompasses engaging digital content, bespoke events, strategic collaborations and unique product extensions.

Combining style and substance with a fresh perspective on the issues that matter most, Collective Hub explores business, design, technology, social change, fashion, travel, food, film and art.

Whether you are looking for a boost of creativity, professional advice from industry experts or a warm and practical pep talk, Collective Hub is your go-to guide to making an impact in the world.

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Here at Collective Hub, we take our partnerships and relationships very seriously and care deeply about those that support us. We are committed to creating high quality product & delivering the highest quality service for our retail partners.
We recognise the importance of our retail partners & aim to build lifelong relationships that mirror the pillars of our brand; inspire, educate & uplift.Thank you for joining the Collective Hub Community, we cannot wait for you to partner with us.

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My youngest has LOVED using these as part of our morning routine. It's helped her to really hone in on what she's meant to be doing and keeps her from getting distracted.

The illustrations are so cute! And the content is just as amazing. Have loved using the feeling cards with my little ones. They're handy for me too haha

Who would have thought that I would benefit so much from a product directed at kids. These feeling cards have been so great to use to articulate to my youngsters how I'm feeling and vice versa. 

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