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Introducing the Best of Collective Hub!

Designed to give your customer the very best that Collective Hub has to offer, stock your shelves with our global best sellers & see your sales soar!

For a limited time only, all Stockists can receive over $1500 RRP worth of product for an amazing $500 AUD*.

Enjoy a range of product from our Wellbeing, Purpose & Business Collections & create the ultimate Collective Hub destination in your store today!

What's Included:

  1. Daily Mantras to Ignite Your Purpose Volume 1 (Q001) x 3 units
  2. Purpose Card Deck (PCARD) x 3 units
  3. My Morning Mantras (AFF002) x 3 Units
  4. 365 Days of Kindness Journal (365KJ) x 2 units
  5. 365 Days of Wellness Journal (365WJ) x 2 units
  6. Life in Lessons Mini (LIL001) x 3 units
  7. The Now of Work Mini (NOW001) x 3 units
  8. Purpose Mini (PURPMINI) x 3 units
  9. 365 Days of Sustainability Mini (SUSTAIN) x 3 units
  10. The Ultimate Writer's Journal (JO001) x 2 units
  11. The Ultimate Travel Journal (JO002) x 2 units
  12. Daily Mantras to Ignite Your Purpose Volume 3 (Q002) x 3 units
  13. Daily Gratitude Journal (DG002) x 4 units
  14. Reset Your Mindset Mantras & Affirmations Box Card Set (AFF004) x 3 units
  15. Cards to Inspire (INSP002) x 4 units
  16. Start Up to Scale Up Book (SUSUB) x 2 units
  17. Start Up to Scale Up Journal (SUSUJ) x 2 units
  18. 52 Tips for Success Card Deck (SUSUAFF) x 3 units
  19. Cards to Motivate (MOT001) x 4 units
  20. Visions and Actions Journal (VAJL001) x 3 units

Total RRP Value: $1,500

So what are you waiting for? 

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