Collective Hub Issue 01

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Issue #1 The Collector's Edition  - This is the last and final print run of our very first issue. Extremely limited copies available. 

Our launch issue burst onto the scene in March 2013 and celebrates the entrepreneurs we all admire – LORNA JANE CLARKSON, CHIP CONLEY, GUY KAWASAKI, ROBIN SHARMA and KAREN WALKER.

We speak to the business giants owning the online space – ETSY lets us in on the rise of the “hobbypreneur”, SPOTIFY chats about turning an age old industry on its head and KICKSTARTER tells us how they revolutionised crowd-funding (way before it was cool).

SAMANTHA WILLS details her journey from Bondi market stall to big-time jewellery business spanning multiple countries, while THE COVETEUR gives us a sneak peek into the lives (and wardrobes) of our favourite stars.

Honourable mentions go to the BONDI HIPSTERS, PAMELA LOVE, THE DESIGN FILES, MEGAN MORTON and LOUISE OLSEN – there’s just too much in this issue to fit here.

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