Collective Hub Issue 08

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In Issue 8 of Collective Hub, we pause to look back on the amazing year that was, and celebrate 12 months of breaking the mould and changing the game.

We bring back a few of our favourites, including our gorgeous Issue 1 cover girl, LORNA JANE CLARKSON, and the ever charming BRADLEY TREVOR GREIVE. Funny man, JOHN CLEESE had us in stiches this month with talk of cheese, lemurs and cereal how-to’s; while the legendary JANE GOODALL left us with a serious case of life envy and itching to run away with her to Africa.

For our anniversary issue, the cover choice was a no brainer. As far as brand building and success goes, MARTHA STEWART sets the bar pretty high. For us she represents the pinnacle of entrepreneurialism and we are thrilled to share her story with you.

We hope you enjoy the issue and we thank every one of our retailers for sharing this journey with us.


Photo by @blogsociety1

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