Collective Hub Issue 10

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Our pages are jam-packed this issue with some more ground-breaking stories, including that of the incredible entrepreneur ROYA MAHBOOB, whose software company is building computer classrooms across Afghanistan and providing internet access to school girls nation-wide.

SUSIE WOLFF is shaking up the Formula One racing world, while the guys at SEARCH FACTORY, who stumbled five times but got back up six, are proof of what can happen if you never give up.

There are also the three filmmakers from Western Australia, who managed to get more than 17 million YouTube views on a video about kids skipping school and the media giant, UPWORTHY, whose motto is “social media with a mission”.

Of course, we can’t leave out our beautiful cover girl RUMI NEELY of famed blog Fashion Toast who is gracing her first ever cover worldwide. She is not only a pioneer in her field but also considered to be one of the first bloggers to spark the media revolution we see today. With a combined social media following of over one million Rumi has gone beyond her image as stylist and ‘personality’ to launch her first major design collaboration with Australian sunglasses label SUNDAY SOMEWHERE.

Photo by @anorganisedlifedesign

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