Collective Hub Issue 12

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Our pages are over-flowing this issue with more stories to make you think, including that of our enchanting cover girl, UK supermodel and newly crowned gift economist, LILY COLE. Leaving behind the world of modelling (at least for now) Lily has embarked on a journey of social and technological change, championing a new means of trading skills and services through the act of giving (see it for yourself on impossible. com).

Once again, we talk to the individuals who have the Internet well and truly under thumb – bloggers. This time it’s Leandra Medine of MAN REPELLER – made famous by her blend of wit, humour and outrageous style choices – who discusses her latest book Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls. The notorious former marketing director of AMERICAN APPAREL, Ryan Holiday, exposes the murkier side of media relations (in other words: don’t believe everything you read), while indie pop-star KINA GRANNIS talks turning down a record deal, her army of loyal fans and that jelly bean video clip.

We also investigate why 3D PRINTING is transforming the fashion industry and how less can really mean more, with FRANK BOD, BRAAAP BIKES AND BONDI BIKKIES finding success in a single product. Staying on top of the social media trend, Issue 12 covers some big game changers in that field, including TASH OAKLEY from A BIKINI A DAY, Frank Bod and Leandra Medine. All three have a combined reach of 1.4 million people all over the world.


Photo by @sangthebird

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