Collective Hub Issue 13

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In honour of our (quite literally) game-changing cover girl, MARIA SHARAPOVA, this issue of Collective Hub is shaking things up. First off, we take an in-depth look into the women championing our sports industry, talking to SBS football commentator LUCY ZELIC, wellness blogger Bianca Cheah of SPORTLUXE and everyone’s favourite Olympian snowboarder STEPH PREM.

We also investigate the $40 billion dollar business of sports sponsorship thanks to the man after Jerry Maguire’s own heart, Bruce Kaider of One Management Group. In our exclusive interview with Maria Sharapova the tennis legend proves exactly why she deserves to be the world’s highest paid female athlete, highlighting her business acumen and marketing-savvy off the court. In fashion, UNIQLO details the deciding factor in opening their 1350th store right here in Australia, letting us in on the latest “normcore” trend filling our favourite style blogs. And of course there is so much more in Issue 13 that we can’t fit it all here, just see for yourself!


Photo by @redagape-edited

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