Collective Hub Issue 16 (SOLD OUT)

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With a cover adorned with Australia’s top five fashion bloggers dressed in illustrated clothes, Issue 16 is sure to surprise. In collaboration with the Style Channel’s hot new show, FASHION BLOGGERS, Collective Hub features the popular cast – who together have more than 1.5 million followers – in an in-depth look at the changing faces, and roles, of fashion blogging.

In this issue we also tease out the best lessons from entrepreneurial demi-god SETH GODIN, author of 17 books and creator of one of the most popular blogs in the world. We hear from the man behind FIVE:AM yoghurt, who recently sold his company for AU$80 million and we catch up with Australian World Cup hero TIM CAHILL as he reveals the goals he’s scoring off the field and on the runway. DEBORAH HUTTON also shares her emotional story of baring all on that infamous cover and her new lease on life.


Photo by @secretweapon_creative

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