Collective Hub Issue 22

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When comedian and actor AMY POEHLER released her autobiography, Yes Please, just six months ago it instantly shot to the number one position on the NEW YORK TIMES‘ bestseller list. But ahead of Amy’s lead in this month’s Disney release, Inside Out, she shares how saying ‘no’ has been vital to her success and how she’s encouraging young girls around the world to achieve their own success.

In this issue we also take a look behind the scenes as the ribbon is cut on the building that rose from the ashes – One World Trade Center in New York City; we sit down with the founder of TREND HUNTER, a website that has topped 1 billion views, to find out whether data or instinct is more important; and we also hit the road with a travel blogger to find out exactly how to make money in the new NOMAD ECONOMY. To round things off we take a peek into the theatrics of London’s department store SELFRIDGES, journey through a century to celebrate the iconic BOND’S birthday, and finally we pick the brain of Aussie BRUNA PAPANDREA, the producer behind wildly successful flicks GONE GIRL and WILD.


Photo by @lauren_smith07

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