Collective Hub Issue 23 (SOLD OUT)

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An Instagram image graces the cover of Collective Hub. Captured by MURAD OSMANN, the creator of the #FOLLOWMETO trend, we step into a world of digital trendsetters and nomads to trace this story back to its origins, more than 2.8 million followers ago.

We also have an exclusive interview with REESE WITHERSPOON who opens up about her latest flick and what it really takes for her production company to snag the rights to films like GONE GIRL and WILD.
KELLY CLARKSON candidly shares the heartache she lived through in the first decade of her success, and we pin down best-selling author BENJAMIN LAW and explore the idea of identity and what this means for his upcoming SBS series. There’s a tell-all from entrepreneurs and their mistakes (think being sued, hiring a thief and giving away a client’s data).

We look behind-the-scenes of the world’s foremost authority on colour, PANTONE, and spin the globe visiting a neon sign museum in LAS VEGAS, a trove of 7000 diaries in TUSCANY and explore the, surprisingly positive impacts of technology in BHUTAN.

Plus, this is an issue like no other. With pages left blank for you to write your own story we are celebrating you, the reader. So grab a copy, a pen and start telling us your story…



Photo by @teonen

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