The Deck of Motherhood

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 ✨ 50 cards to guide you through the magic of being a mother ✨

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born" - Osho

Motherhood is one of the wildest, most beautiful journeys you can experience. There is no guidebook (and babies can't read manuals anyway) - and while you are advised to 'follow your instincts', it can be difficult to tune into your inner wisdom while also juggling broken sleep and learning the parenthood ropes. These cards are designed to support you no matter what parenting stage you are at with quotes, humour, advice and nuggets of wisdom to guide you through the magic (and messiness) of being a Mother.

Product Details:
✨ 50 cards 
✨ Hardcover box with drawer pull out
Cards: 105mm(h) x 149mm(w)
Box: 154mm(h) x 115.5mm(w) x 49mm(d) 

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