Ultimate Social Media Bundle

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Not sure where to start when it comes to socials? Wanting to grow your engagement? Wanting to branch out and use different social platforms? We all know social media is a powerful tool, but it can definitely be overwhelming. That's why we've created the ultimate tools to help you!

This bundle includes:

1x Social Media Marketing Planner

This planner is the perfect tool to help you plan out your social media channels monthly, putting pen to paper of what messaging you want to convey, what promotions or comps you have going on, or what new product releases are coming! 

With every purchase comes a little how to guide + suggested ways to use this planner. 

The Social Media Planner includes 50 sheets on an A4 tear-off notepad.

1x The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Journal

This journal will guide you through all the steps needed to build your brand online and leverage your marketing through social media.

These pages offer a collection of fabulous, actionable pieces of advice, tips and tricks, how-tos and guides we have gleaned from working in this space over the years with both Collective Hub and a range of experts in the industry.

1x Issue 54 - Tech Issue

 In this special issue dedicated to digital innovation, experts share their insider secrets whether you want to know how to build a top-ranking app, monetise a podcast, find a sponsor or create a viral video. Discover the inspiring start-ups using tech to save lives, reduce waste, fight disease, empower retirees and triple your savings. And, explore how technology can help you to achieve – and still feel free!

1x Collective Hub Tote