Work From Home Bundle

With working from home more prevalent than ever, our founder Lisa Messenger has created these incredible resources for everyday use.

The Work From Home Bundle includes two of our best-selling books, Work From Wherever and Daily Mantras to Ignite Your Purpose, plus two planners to help you balance work and life, our Best Life Daily Planner, and our Work From Home Planner.

Work from Wherever
Can you run an empire without an office? Can freedom & ambition co-exist? Can you work from anywhere happily and successfully? Can your (work) life be one BIG adventure? In Work from Wherever, entrepreneur, author and speaker Lisa Messenger says YES!

Work from Home Planner
The Work From Home Daily Planner includes 50 sheets on an A4 tear-off notepad, perfect as your desk companion on busy days when organisation is key. With space for work priorities, personal priorities, resource planning, hourly scheduling from 5am to midnight, and a dedicated section to record your achievements, this planner has everything you need to bring focus, balance, calm, and productivity to your daily work life.

Best Life Planner
Feeling overwhelmed with trying to get enough sleep, tick off your to-do list, make that 3pm appointment, and achieve your dreams? Our BEST LIFE Daily Planner has plenty of dedicated space for lists, plans, notes, priorities, appointments, and way more! A planner that covers work + lifestyle + self-care to help you create your best life. This landscape A4 notepad is the perfect size to fit on your desk as your perfect daily companion.

Daily Mantras to Ignite Your Purpose
Learn from yesterday. Cherish today. Dream big for tomorrow. Thoughtfully curated by entrepreneur, author and speaker Lisa Messenger, these artfully presented quotes can be used as meditations, as musings, or as your daily dose of inspiration, one for each day of the year. Every daily message includes a quote, followed by Lisa’s personal take, and an affirmation that will help you to step into and ground your courage, spirit, wisdom and wit that make every day count.


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